Why do parents choose Babylonia baby wraps?

In a Babylonia baby wrap your baby is just as comfortable as in your arms!

  • The special fabric supports your baby perfectly, in both cradle and upright positions.
  • Your baby is always in the ergonomic M-position, which stimulates healthy development of the hips and ensures baby is always in the ideal position, completely relaxed against you.
  • Your baby can choose whether to be completely wrapped up, or to have some freedom of movement.
  • A cozy place for baby that you can use immediately after birth.

The wrap should also be ideal for you as a parent

  • No buckles, straps or clasps that might hurt.
  •  Always fits, without complex adjustments. Easy to put on.
  • No closures on your back so you can sit comfortably with your back against a chair or couch.
  • Baby’s weight is evenly spread over the caregiver's shoulders and hips
  • Lovely, soft, 100% organic cotton, dyed with non-toxic dyes. Available in many colors and patterns to fit your style.
  • Small and lightweight, perfect when you’re on the go!
  • Eco-friendly. The Tricot-Slen Cool is made from Newlife, a fabric made out of recycled plastic bottles. All our other baby wraps are made from 100% organic cotton.

Babylonia slings are the highest quality. The special knitting and weaving techniques provide optimal support. All carriers come with detailed and clear instruction manuals. Learning to use a carrier is not difficult: more and more people find that after two or three tries, a baby wrap is quick and easy to put on!

Fabric Quality, Colors and Production Methods

Although wraps are available in different colors and patterns, there is a clear difference in the quality of different brands. For example, the type of fabric or thread, the knitting or weaving technique, the country of production and the use of organic cotton all determine the quality of the sling.

All Babylonia wraps are high quality and available in many different colors. Each wrap comes with a clear instruction manual with pictures and tips. For the Tricot-Slens there is even an instructional DVD.

The two knitted wraps are produced in the Netherlands made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and use a unique knitting technique to ensure optimum support. The woven wraps of Babylonia are made with a special weaving technique from 100% organic cotton and are produced in fair trade projects in India. All our wraps are colored with non-toxic dyes and free of chemicals and softening agents.

Detailed and Clear Instructions

Every Babylonia wrap is supplied with detailed and clear instructions. The useful tips and clear color photographs support the written instructions. The Tricot-Slen also includes a demonstration DVD. If you still have questions after reading and viewing the manual, we encourage you to go to someone who can help, such as local babywearing consultant, a midwife or a lactation consultant near you. There are also workshops on babywearing and babywearing groups you can visit.