Babywearing is Comfortable and Safe

A baby-wrap is the most ergonomic way to transport a baby, for both the parent and the child! When using any of Babylonia's slings or wraps, you carry your baby close to you in the recommended “M” position, with his knees higher than his hips and his back rounded. This position gives your baby good back support, avoiding any back strain, and contributes to proper hip development. In the beginning, baby’s hips are made up mostly of cartilage that gradually transforms into bone during the first year. This process is best ensured when the baby is carried in the “M” position, allowing proper positioning of the bones and joints. Baby’s lower legs and feet should be free. When the legs hang down, which is the case with some baby carriers, his back arches and he is not in an ergonomic position. You can always spread open the fabric of your sling or wrap all the way out to your baby’s knees, whether she is 2 months or 2 years old! Your baby is therefore in the ideal position, completely relaxing against you. Since your baby is so close, you can respond to her needs quickly and she feels safe and sound, which increases self-confidence.
The baby carrier is also ideal for you as a parent! Carrying a child in your arms is heavy. In a baby carrier, the baby’s weight is well distributed over the parent’s chest and hips through the wide cotton bands that cover the surface of both shoulders, so you can effortlessly carry your 
baby for many hours. There is little or no tension on your neck and back. A baby who is positioned correctly can be carried for as long as he and the caregiver wish. All around the world parents carry their babies while going about their usual activities.


Babies Yearn for Skin

After nine months of warmth, movement and constant contact with mother, birth is a huge transition and babies are in need of intimate 
contact with their parents. Babies who are carried close to the body, visibly enjoy this direct physical contact. The cherishing body-to-body contact fulfills one of baby’s primal and deep needs and offers an ideal position from which to discover the big wide world. 
In a simple cloth carrier, your baby feels safe and secure. He feels your physical warmth and hears your voice and heartbeat. He recog-
nizes your scent and can have constant eye contact with you.


Healthy, Friendly & Easy

Babywearing makes life easier and has a positive effect on babies physical, intellectual and emotional development. With your child safely in the sling you are more mobile and you can focus on other tasks while simultaneously being close to your calm and relaxed baby.



Breastfeeding in a sling is discreet and easy. The proximity of your baby stimulates the release of prolactin and with your baby so close, you are able to pick up on early hunger cues, such as rooting, sucking and tongue movement, before baby becomes upset.



A sling takes up so little space that you can take it anywhere. It is incredibly handy when walking through a busy shopping center, on the bus or metro or when walking through the woods. No dirty tires of a stroller in your house and no need to haul a stroller up and down stairs or in and out of your car.


Babies Cry Less

Research indicates that babies who are carried on a daily basis cry significantly less. In a cloth carrier your baby is not forced to pas-
sively spend the day. He participates naturally in your daily activities. Hence, your baby can observe and hear quite a bit, which is benefi-
cial for his psychosocial development. When he has had enough, your baby can simply turn away from the stimulation or close his eyes and fall asleep on your chest.


Stimulates Balanced Development

In the security of a cloth sling, your baby experiences the world from a safe position. The huge amount of stimuli he has to deal with in a 
brief period of time does not frighten him because he is so close to you. This feeling of security results in the development of a positive
self-image and later on, it forms the basis of a confident and assured personality. Contrary to old popular belief, it has become quite clear that carrying your baby in a cloth carrier does not lead to spoiled and dependent children, but that the opposite is accomplished. 


Promotes Bonding With Dad

During the first few months it is not always easy for a new father to develop an equally close bond with baby as the mother. However, 
with a cloth carrier, he can do his usual activities with the baby safely tucked on his chest. This increases interaction between dad and baby and therefore promotes attachment.