How should I dress my child when using a wrap?

Please note that the wrap is also a garment and you pick up each other's body heat. So dress yourself and your baby with one less layer than normal.

Generally we recommend:

  • < 25 degrees: normal clothes + jacket, scarf and hat + carry your baby for the most part under your coat
  • 25-50 degrees: normal clothes + jacket, scarf and hat
  • 50-60 degrees: normal clothes + thin jacket or cardigan
  • 60-70 degrees: normal clothes
  • 70-80 degrees: airy clothes
  • 80-85 degrees: just a onesie
  • > 85 degrees: better to not use a baby wrap

The number of layers also depends on the type of sling (BB-SLING only has one layer and is much more ‘open’ than a BB-Slen Wrap which can be 3 layers of fabric around your child) and the carrying position (BB-Slen Wrap can use different positions). Keep an eye on the temperature of your child at all times (see also ‘Will my baby be too hot or too cold in a sling?’).

Can I use the baby wrap in wintertime?

Cold weather is a great time to use the wrap – your baby will be much cozier and warmer than in a stroller. Make sure your baby is wearing a hat and protect their feet and hands especially if they are exposed.

Is to too hot to carry my baby in the summer?

On a very hot summer day, a baby wrap may be too hot. Dress your baby on hot days with less clothes. Older children can be worn with their arms out of the sling.

For very hot days, choose a carrier with less layers of fabric such as the BB-SLING or BB-TAI.

Do I need to put my jacket over or under my baby wrap?

If you go outside you can carry your baby over or under your jacket, depending on the temperature. This also depends on the choice of clothing your baby is wearing. A hat and gloves in cold weather might be needed anyway.

Can I carry my child while he is wearing shorts or has bare legs?

If it is warm outdoors or indoors, it can be nice to carry your baby with bare legs. The fabric of the Babylonia baby wraps is soft and will not irritate baby’s skin.