What is the difference between a TRICOT-SLEN and a BB-SLEN?

The Tricot-Slen and BB SLEN are both ‘wrap-style’ baby carriers made ​​from 100% organic cotton in which you carry your baby in the M-ergonomic posture, but in what ways do they differ?

  • The fabric: the TRICOT-SLEN is knitted (jersey wrap), the BB-SLEN woven.
  • The elasticity: the TRICOT-SLEN has a little stretch in width whereas the BB-SLEN barely stretches (only a minimum diagonal stretch for optimal comfort)
  • How you put on the wrap (goes together with the elasticity): the elasticity of the TRICOT-SLEN allows you to put on the wrap before putting baby in. This allows you to use both hands when putting baby in the wrap. The BB-SLEN is tied on together with your child. You can start easily with just one position. Most likely you'll notice that you've mastered it very quickly and the BB-SLEN is as easy as the TRICOT-SLEN.
  • The number of positions (goes together with the elasticity as well): the way of tying the TRICOT-SLEN is the same for all positions, you only need to remember one way of tying. The BB-SLEN allows all positions and the way of tying differs depending on the position in which you want to carry your child.
  • The support: the TRICOT-SLEN provides the perfect support for children from birth to 18 kg (33lbs), but because of the elasticity in width, you will notice that it’s better to carry older children in a woven wrap. Because the BB-SLEN has no stretch, this wrap provides the perfect support for both newborn babies as well as older children up to 20 kg (45lbs).
  • Carrying on your back: with the TRICOT-SLEN it is possible to carry on your back, but it’s not the best wrap for back carrying. With the BB-SLEN you can carry a child of any age on your back safely and comfortably.
  • The length: the TRICOT-SLEN is available in one length which suits everyone! Smaller people can wrap extra fabric around their waist or tuck it away under the waistband. The BB-SLEN is available in 4 sizes. The size you choose depends on your clothes size and the positions you want to use.
  • Usage right after birth: the lovely soft fabric of the TRICOT-SLEN makes this wrap cozy and ideal for newborn babies. The diagonal stretch in the BB-SLEN means that the fabric will not rub or feel uncomfortable, but it’s less cozy and snug.