The BB-SLEN is available in 5 sizes. How do I know which size fits me?

The BB-SLEN comes in 5 sizes: 260cm (size 2), 420cm (size 5), 460cm (size 6), 490cm (size 6.5) and 560cm (size 8). The size you choose depends on your clothing size and the carrying positions you want to use.

The 260cm is a short wrap, meant for usage like a BB-SLING, being worn over only one shoulder.

420cm is a base -1 or -2 for many people, which allows some, but not all carries.

The BB-SLEN in 460, 490 and 560 cm allows all positions, depending on your base size. One way to figure out your base size is to try a front wrap cross carry (FWCC). Your base size is the smallest wrap you can use to do a FWCC. The size can also depend on your clothing size; shorter or thinner people often use the BB-SLEN 460 cm and taller people the 490 cm. 560 cm starts at clothes size 46 (Women’s 14) or can be used to wrap an extra time around your waist for added support. 

Can both mom and dad use the same wrap?

The Tricot-Slen, BB-TAI and BB-SLING fit all sizes – for shorter people as well as taller people, both men and women.

The Tri-Cotti is available in 3 clothes sizes (S, M, and L), so if mom and dad have a different clothing size, they cannot use the same Tri-Cotti.

The length of the BB-SLEN depends on the size of the wearer as well. Smaller people will use the 460cm BB-SLEN whereas taller or heavier people need the 490 cm or 560 cm BB-SLEN (starting at clothes size 46 (Women’s 14)).

The BB SLEN also comes in 260 cm but this length has a different way of carrying and another user manual. The 260 cm is designed to be used similar to a ring sling and is worn over only one shoulder.