Is it hard to remember the different ways of tying?

It depends on the type of baby wrap:

  • Tri-Cotti – our easiest wrap with no tying. All you have to do is put both loops over your shoulders!
  • Tricot-Slen – after having practiced a couple of times you’ll discover that isn’t difficult to put on the Tricot-Slen.  You only have to remember one tie for all the positions.
  • BB-SLING – easy, once you have threaded the fabric through the rings you only have to place the BB-SLING over your shoulder and tighten it.
  • BB-TAI – with a little bit of practice, it’s not hard. You only have to tie the waist band and two shoulder straps.
  • BB-SLEN – because this wrap allows all positions it takes some practice. The basics are not hard at all and after practicing a couple of times you’ll discover how easy it is.

Learning to carry your baby comfortably is like learning to dance. It takes a little practice before the movements become second nature and you glide through them with your eyes closed. It is often helpful to practice tying the wrap with a doll or in front of a mirror several times before placing your baby inside. It can also help to talk to your baby and explain what you are doing while placing baby in the carrier. Your baby will sense if you are uncomfortable. Tell your baby that you are a bit insecure yourself but that you will learn how to do this together.

You will find that once you have learned to carry your baby, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Not only does it make life easier for you, it provides sensory and motor development and much more for baby.