How do I know if my baby is in the correct position?

In the upright position:

It is very important that your child is in the recommended M-position. At all ages the baby carrier should support your child from knee to knee and the knees should be higher than the hips.

In the cradle position:

If you wear your newborn baby in the cradle position make sure the baby carrier supports your baby well, just like carrying your baby in your arms. Also ensure that their chin is not resting on their chest and no fabric covers the face.

In general:

Make sure you always carry your baby high enough. You should be able to give your baby a kiss on their head without bending over too much (kissing distance).

It is also important that the baby carrier feels comfortable and fits nicely, that you can spread open the shoulder straps over both shoulders and your entire back, and that the baby carrier feels tight enough.

Most  important, trust your baby! If your baby is uncomfortable, too hot or the wrap is too tight,they will let you know. If baby is sleeping or quietly looking into the world, everything is fine. With your baby  close against you, you will learn to understand their body language and anticipate before they start to cry or alert you that something is wrong.