Which baby wrap is most suitable for carrying newborn babies?

All Babylonia baby wraps are suitable for use from birth.

Which wrap is best for you depends on your preferences:

  • do you have experience in babywearing?
  • do you also want to carry an older brother or sister or just the newborn baby?
  • how long do you want to carry your child?
  • are you planning to buy another baby wrap or do you want a wrap that will work for all ages?
  • is your partner going to use the same baby wrap? Are you a different size than your partner?
  • are you going to use it in the summer or winter?

In general we recommend starting with a TRICOT-SLEN. It is a good beginner wrap because the TRICOT-SLEN is soft and it will always fit both you and your partner. You can tie on the wrap and then put your baby in it so you have both hands free to pick up your child. If you discover that both you and your baby love babywearing, you will probably find that you want to try more styles of wraps.