Which Babylonia baby carrier is easiest to use?

If you have a small baby and have minimal experience with babywearing, you may want to start with a TRICOT-SLEN or TRI-COTTI. Both the TRI-COTTI and TRICOT-SLEN are slightly elastic in width so you can tie on the wrap first and then put your baby in the carrier using both hands. The TRI-COTTI is composed of two loops which you place over your shoulders. You can choose different positions depending on the size and age of your baby. The TRICOT-SLEN is very easy to use as well and can be used immediately after birth. Once you have learned how to tie the wrap, you can experiment with the different positions to carry your baby.

BB-SLING - simply place the ring sling over one shoulder, place your baby in it and pull on the fabric to make it snug around your baby. Carrying your baby on your hip allows you to use your hipbone for extra support. On your hip, your baby is able to see everything but can also fall asleep easily or lay their head against your chest and close their eyes if there is too much stimulation.

With the BB-TAI you can carry your baby easily on both your front and back. It has a removable infant insert and wide wrap straps, so it is just as comfortable with a newborn as it is with a toddler. 

Using the BB-SLEN might take a little more practice because you tie the wrap while holding your baby. However, once you've practiced a few times, it comes naturally and is very comfortable. All Babylonia wraps come with clear and detailed instructions.