Can I breastfeed my baby in the wrap?

Breastfeeding in a wrap is discreet and easy. Do take your time for feeding, sit down and loosen the wrap so your baby can latch to your breast. Make sure your child is in the right position to be able to drink (not too high and not with his chin on his chest). Also make sure that your baby can breathe freely and that the carrier does not cover the face. Once you are done feeding your baby, make sure to position him or her back into an upright position and re-tighten your carrier. 

If breastfeeding is proving difficult or milk flow is slow, wearing your baby can help. The close proximity of your baby stimulates the release of prolactin, the hormone that regulates milk production. With your baby so close, you are also able to pick up on early hunger cues, such as rooting, sucking and tongue movement, before baby becomes upset, making feeding easier for both you of you.