​​The TRICOT-SLEN ORGANIC is a baby wrap made of 100% organic cotton that can be worn in various positions. Tied the same way for all positions, the TRICOT-SLEN is easy and quick to put on. The TRICOT-SLEN ORGANIC, with its natural stretch, guarantees a perfect fit and makes the wrap very comfortable. The special knitting technique with limited stretch in length offers perfect support for all babies, from newborns up to 33 pound toddlers. The TRICOT-SLEN ORGANIC is available in many colors to match any style. Both the user's manual and instructional DVD give step-by-step instructions on how to use your TRICOT-SLEN ORGANIC.

Tricot-Slen Cool


The TRICOT-SLEN COOL is a super lightweight jersey style wrap made from Newlife, a unique fiber made out of recycled plastic bottles. It has an equal carrying capacity to a woven wrap and is as flexible as astretchy wrap. With the same special knitting technique as our original TRICOT-SLEN ORGANIC, the TRICOT-SLEN COOL offers perfect support for all babies, from newborns to 33 pound toddlers. This jersey knit wrap can be worn in many different positions and since the same tie is used for all carries, it is easy to put on. Its natural stretch guarantees a perfect fit and makes this lightweight wrap comfortable and easy to use. Newlife fabric is moisture wicking and breathable, so the COOL is delightfully cool during summer, yet comfortable during winter. The TRICOT-SLEN COOL is machine washable, air dries quickly and never needs ironing. 


The TRI-COTTI consists of two fabric loops made of 100% organic cotton which lets you carry your baby in different positions. Easy to use, with no tying and no buckles or clasps, the TRI-COTTI is available in 3 sizes: Small - Medium - Large. As your child grows, the fabric will stretch, and the TRI-COTTI will always fit. Simply use your own clothes size to determine the sling size required. Sizes are for Women's clothing. (S = size 2,4,6 M = 8, 10 and L = 12, 14). Note that after use, the material will stretch by about 2 inches.


​​The BB-SLING is a ring sling made in a Fair Trade project in India. The special sling is 100% organic cotton and woven using the best techniques for slings, offering optimal support for newborn babies as well as children of 3 or 4 years. Two aluminum Sling Ring rings allow easy adjustment, which makes the BB-SLING comfortable and easy to use. Babylonia has two styles of BB-SLING, padded and unpadded. 


The BB-SLEN is a very comfortable woven wrap which can be used from birth all the way up to children of 33 pounds! The BB-SLEN is made of 100% organic cotton and produced in a Fair Trade project in India. The unique weaving technique ensures that the fabric feels soft and comfortable while offering excellent support. The BB-SLEN comes in 5 sizes: 260cm (size 2), 420cm (size 5), 460cm (size 6), 490cm (size 6.5) and  560cm (size 8). The 260cm is meant to be used like a BB-SLING, going over only one shoulder. The BB-SLEN in 420, 460, 490 and 560 cm allow all positions, depending on your base size. The size to buy depends on your clothing size; shorter people often use the BB-SLEN 460 cm and taller people 490 cm. 560 cm starts at Women's clothes size 14 or can be used to wrap an extra time around your waist for added support.


The BB-TAI is inspired by traditional Asian Mei Tai carriers. It is simple to use, adjustable, and comfortable for both wearer and child. It can be used to carry baby in front, on your hip, or on your back. The BB-TAI is appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers and beyond and includes a removable insert for small babies. It can be worn by adults of all sizes, as well as children and adolescents who would like to carry baby. The BB-TAI has an integrated head support to stabilize baby's head when sleeping and is compact, lightweight and can be worn in all seasons. It is made of 100% organic cotton, comes with a special zippered bag for storage, and is specially woven to wrap around the curves of baby and wearer. Suitable for kangaroo care (skin-to-skin carrying) and breastfeeding.