What is the difference between a baby wrap and a structured carrier?

A baby wrap is a baby carrier made ​​of unique wrap fabric that is wrapped around you and your baby.

A structured carrier is a pre-formed baby carrier made of stiffer material in which you carry your child.

In the classic non-ergonomic baby carrier, a baby is carried with his legs through two leg openings in the "pocket" while sitting on a small support. Because the baby is not close to you but hangs on your body, he actually carries his own weight. In addition, the natural curvature of the spine in a structured carrier is lost because the baby is not supported in the right way. In contrast, in a baby wrap the baby is sitting comfortably against you. Baby is perfectly supported and the weight of your baby is distributed evenly over your own body.

In an ergonomic baby carrier, the baby is sitting on a wider support so the ergonomic M-position of the child is maintained. A disadvantage of both ergonomic and non-ergonomic structured carriers is that the straps need to be adjusted to the size of the wearer. For some, the baby carrier will be too small, while for others it’s impossible to get tight enough. A wrap however, always fits and is comfortable for everyone (regardless of your size). You can spread the fabric wide over your shoulders and back (depending on what you prefer) and there are no buckles, pre-formed straps or fasteners that may hurt. Babylonia wraps are very soft and made ​​from 100 % organic cotton. The special wrap fabric is knitted or woven to give the perfect support. A pre-shaped baby carrier doesn’t adjust as well to the shape of your body with its contoured shoulder straps , buckles and fasteners. Shoulder straps may slip down, pressing into your neck or be too loose and buckles or closures can cause pressure points.

Are all baby wraps the same?

No, there are different types of baby wraps from different brands. The baby wraps can be roughly divided into wraps and pre-shaped wraps:

wraps (to tie) include:

  • jersey wraps (often available in just 1 size)
  • woven wraps (availabe in several different lengths)

pre-shaped wraps include:

  • ring slings (padded or unpadded)
  • bei dai/meh dai (Chinese style baby carriers)
  • pouches (single or double)

Babylonia makes both tied and pre-shaped wraps. Learn More.