About Us

First and foremost, we are babywearing enthusiasts who believe that proper bonding and child development occur when children have the opportunity to be close to their caregivers throughout the day. The way to accomplish this is to use a baby carrier that is comfortable and ergonomically designed. We know there are many good quality carriers available to parents today, but believe Babylonia produces the highest quality carriers combined with the added advantages of organic cotton and Fair Trade or European production. BabyloniaUSA is a sister company to Nova Natural Toys & Crafts, the US distributor for Babylonia.

Selling the carriers through Nova Natural, we have been able to share the joy that comes from babywearing with many people, but not nearly enough. For that reason, we have launched babyloniausa.com to properly highlight the whole range of carriers and provide you the detailed information you need when selecting and using a baby carrier. We hope you enjoy your visit and find what you need to make the right choice for you and your child. If you should have any questions, please be in touch by emailing us at support@babyloniausa.com.

We Are...

Jason Miller (owner/manager)

My wife and I have three children and have been committed to babywearing since we learned our first was on the way.

Our story is probably not unfamiliar to you. We started out carrying our first child with structured carriers and frame packs that were uncomfortable for us and for our baby. We knew there had to be a better way! With the help of Mothering Magazine (a greatly missed resource, R.I.P.), we discovered ring slings and other carriers that were far more comfortable and let us keep baby close while still attending to our daily activities. By the time our second child arrived, we were pros and enjoyed helping others to get the right carrier and the right fit. In 2005, shortly after the birth of our third child, we moved to Vermont where I took a job with Nova Natural.

I first met Ingrid Guikers and Chris DeBruyn, the wife and husband team behind Babylonia, the leading European manufacturer of baby carriers, in 2007. I was attending the toy fair on behalf of Nova Natural Toys & Crafts and went to see Chris and Ingrid because Nova sold dolls they also produced.

While visiting with Ingrid, the topic of babywearing came up. I told her how committed my wife and I were to it, having bought, tried and used just about every carrier on the market. She told me she would bring me one of their ring slings to try when I returned to my family, because, it turned out, the dolls were just a sideline for them and their real passion was baby carriers!

After I arrived home, I showed the sling to my wife and she immediately noted the quality and beauty of the fabric. She right away slipped our then two year old daughter into it. It was then that she saw how special the fabric really was, because unlike other ring slings we had used, the one from Babylonia had enough texture to not slip through the rings and require periodic re-tightening and adjustment. We were sold! (And we didn't even yet know about what would become our favorite of Babylonia's products, the woven wrap (BB-SLEN) that I wear in the photo above.

Even though our children are now too big to be carried (though sometimes we wish it weren't the case), we remember fondly the time we spent with them on our backs, fronts and hips and hope you can build the same memories with your children!

Marisa Neyenhuis (sales & customer support)

I have a four year old son and our favorite carrier is the BB-TAI (Babylonia's Mei Tai style carrier).

My son, Rio, was 9lbs 10oz at birth and because of all the stress that placed on my body, my midwives recommended I not carry him in a wrap for the first few months while my body healed. Once I was able to carry him in a wrap, I wasn't in the habit, so I came a little late to the babywearing party. When Rio was almost one, I started working for BabyloniaUSA, discovered the BB-TAI and haven't looked back. As he grows and wants to get up and down more often, I have started experimenting with the BB-SLING and that has also proven to be a great fit for our family. Rio's dad is very tall, so we like to use the 'one size fits all' carriers which allow us to pass Rio back and forth as needed.  

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about Babylonia products via email (marisa@babyloniausa.com) or phone. In May 2015 I became a Certified Babywearing Educator through the Center for Babywearing Studies and am happy to set up a skype or google hangout session for "in-person" consultations. I love sharing and talking about the benefits and ease that babywearing brings to both parents and baby.


About Babylonia in Europe

Captivated by babywearing
Ingrid Guikers encountered babywearing twenty years ago when her son was born. Like many people she bought a baby carrier for practical reasons. However, she immediately realized there were numerous benefits to babywearing and became completely captivated by it.

Ingrid has been studying baby carrying for years and wanted to share her passion with other parents. Giving lectures and developing ergonomic baby wraps lead to the start of a company, where today 20 people are employed. Together with her husband, Chris De Bruyn, Ingrid Guikers created Babylonia.

A leader in the European baby carrier market for 17 years, Babylonia wraps are the highest quality. Babylonia's woven wraps are made in a fair trade project in India and the knitted wraps are produced in Germany. All our wraps are made from 100% organic cotton. The special knitting and weaving techniques Babylonia uses have been perfected over the last 17 years to provide maximum comfort for both you and your child.

Baby wraps and more

Natural comfort for you and your baby

Babylonia offers a collection of products that focus on taking care of children naturally. Babylonia’s own brands are Babylonia Baby Carriers, Peppa Dolls and Bola belly chimes. All products are designed in Belgium and produced in a fair and sustainable way in the Netherlands, in fair trade workshops in India and in small workshops in Mexico.

How Babylonia grew…
… from baby wraps to a large collection of baby and pregnancy products
Seventeen years ago Ingrid had a dream to which she completely devoted herself. She wanted to make all the benefits of babywearing public knowledge. She wanted to see as many fathers and mothers as possible enjoying a baby wrap with their child.

While carrying her son in the baby wrap she visited one store after the other in Belgium. To offer the baby shops an interesting supply of baby products, she developed a second brand, Peppa. All Peppa dolls and decorations, as well as the woven baby wraps, are made in fair trade shops in India. Together with her husband and a talented doll maker, Ingrid travelled to India to train people to become doll makers. Babylonia still works with the two workshops in India with whom the initial production started. About 60 women and 20 men work daily on Babylonia’s baby wraps, security blankets, dress up dolls and cuddly toys. In return for a guaranteed fair wage and social security, they get a good job in a pleasant working environment. 

About our brands
All Babylonia brands clearly have something in common: taking care of children in a natural way. Enjoying time with your baby is the best there is! Little is needed to do this and Babylonia offers you exactly the right products to help you get through your pregnancy comfortably; to breastfeed and to do what is best for your children. Our collections are hip and trendy, made of natural and organic materials and produced in fair and sustainable conditions.

With love from…
Babylonia’s team consists of enthusiastic representatives and agents in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. They are the face of the company.

In order to steer all the orders and deliveries in the right direction, the commercial department works closely together with the employees in the warehouse. Sales, marketing, purchase and production development are all housed in an office nearby, in Antwerp, Belgium. Babylonia consists of a team that works closely together to keep developing and distributing fun collections.

If you are outside the United States and would like to buy Babylonia products, please follow this link to their website.

BabyloniaUSA is a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance