About Babylonia USA

We are baby carrier enthusiasts who believe that proper bonding and child development occur when children have the opportunity to be close to their caregivers throughout the day. The way to accomplish this is to use a baby carrier that is comfortable and ergonomically designed. We know there are many good quality carriers available to parents today, but believe Babylonia produces the highest quality carriers combined with the added advantages of organic cotton and Fair Trade or European production. BabyloniaUSA is a sister company to Nova Natural Toys & Crafts, the US distributor for Babylonia.

Selling the carriers through Nova Natural, we have been able to share the joy that comes from baby carrying with many people, but not nearly enough. For that reason, we have launched babyloniausa.com to properly highlight the whole range of carriers and provide you the detailed information you need when selecting and using a baby carrier. We hope you enjoy your visit and find what you need to make the right choice for you and your child. If you should have any questions, please be in touch by emailing us at support@babyloniausa.com.

BabyloniaUSA is a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance 

About Babylonia in Europe

Babylonia founder Ingrid Guikers encountered baby carriers over 20 years ago when her son was born. Like many people she bought a baby carrier for practical reasons. However, she immediately realized there were numerous benefits to baby carrying and became completely captivated by it.

Ingrid has been studying baby carrying for years and wanted to share her passion with other parents. Giving lectures and developing ergonomic baby wraps lead to the start of a company, where today 20 people are employed. Together with her husband, Chris De Bruyn, Ingrid Guikers created Babylonia.

A leader in the European baby carrier market for 17 years, Babylonia wraps are the highest quality. Babylonia's woven wraps are made in a fair trade project in India and the knitted wraps are produced in Germany. All our wraps are made from 100% organic cotton. The special knitting and weaving techniques Babylonia uses have been perfected over the last 17 years to provide maximum comfort for both you and your child.