Tricot Knit Baby Carrier

$ 69.00

The Tri-cotti baby carrier lets you easily carry your baby in both cradle and upright positions. The organic Jersey cotton loops are simple to put on and simple to slip your baby in and out of. There are no buckles, ties or clasps to adjust. Works from newborn to 33 pounds.

Choosing a Size
The correct sling size is not determined by your baby size. As your child grows, the fabric will stretch, so the TRI-COTTI will work throughout the first few months of baby's life. Simply use your own clothes size to determine the sling size required

  • S = women's size 2,4,6
  • M = women's size 8, 10
  • L = women's size 12, 14

Note: after use, the material will stretch by about 2 inches.

Download Manual