Pocket Wrap Cross Carry Tied at the Shoulder Tutorial

Our friend Amy over at Amy Wraps Babies put together a great tutorial for a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry Tied at the Shoulder in our Tricot Slen Cool. Check it out and then check out her website for more great videos!

This is an intermediate to advanced version of the classic PWCC, yet once it is tied adjustments can be made quickly because all the slack from the outside "pocket" pass can come around back and up through the slip knot. Small babies who wish to keep their legs inside the carrier may do so with this carry (though it is shown with legs out).

To tie, the middle marker starts far off center - measure from the sternum all the way around the body to the sternum again to find the starting point. From there, the wrap makes a pocket on the wearer's front, comes back under both arms and up over both shoulders. The long tail comes through the pocket, then it twists with the outside edge coming under the inside edge. Wrap the long tail around the wearer and under both passes on the wearer's front to end with a slip knot at shoulder. Bring baby into the pass closest to the wearer, then the second cross pass. Spread the first pass over baby, then bring the slack down and around back, then up through the second pass over baby. Be sure the outside edge of the wrap is still twisted, meaning the outside edge will come up baby's back rather than the inside edge of the wrap. The slack comes up to the wearer's shoulder, then back across the wearer's back to the pocket pass. Bring most of the slack across the pocket pass, back across the wearer's back and up through the slip knot. Now bring the pocket pass up baby's back, feed any additional slack behind and up through the slip knot. Spread the shoulders as is comfortable.

June 07, 2017 by Marisa Neyenhuis
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