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BBslen woven wrap review

Babylonia wraps are pure organic cotton, non-toxic dyes and fair trade labour (India).  Sound good? Nova Naturals sent me a Passionfruit to take out for a spin and venture an opinion on, and after an initial "this is cardboard!" I got a lovely surprise when I pulled it off the clothesline.

Cross-twill is a weave that fluffs up nicely with a bit of wash and wear. It has a little bit of cush while being essentially flat and without the texture of a jacquard pattern. The diagonal give is quite uniform and easy to work with for new wrappers (I had some willing test subjects at a meet!).

These are a really nice, simple budget-friendly option ($69USD for a shortie, $119USD for a size 6, $129USD for a size 8) that break in in the blink of an eye. I washed this twice, sat on it a bit, and had a perfectly moldable wrap that is soft enough for a new baby and generous enough in width (78 cms) to wrap my 3yo.

How did it stand up to 15kgs/34lbs? Really well. I would not love it in a single layer carry, but with a couple passes supporting Audrey, this is a fantastic workhorse of a wrap. The weave is flat enough that it won't snag or pull easily, with just enough bounce to be easy on the shoulders - the perfect summer wrap, and this would be a perfect rebozo/torso carry shortie.
BBslens have a wide range of simple striped wraps and have just brought in a bunch of jacquard designs if you fancy something a bit...fancy! Verdict? Great budget wrap. Great starter, great lender, great cuddle blanket for the toddler, excellent beater and all-rounder. Easy on the eye and easy on the pocket.
July 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis
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