MommyCon 2015 - Find us in the Babywearing Lounge

Babylonia is pleased to be a part of the Babywearing Lounge at MommyCon this year. With stops in 8 cities there will be a chance for tons of people to try out our great carriers and wraps. We will have three wraps in the Babywearing Lounge this year, the Marigold BB Slen, Pineapple BB Tai and our newest wrap, the Tricot Slen Cool in Aqua Sea. MommyCon will be in Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Orlando, Washington DC, Columbus, Newport Beach and Seattle. If we're in a city near you, please stop by the lounge and try out our carriers. Keep your eye on our facebook page for ticket giveaways to all 8 locations!

Marigold BB Slen                               

February 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis

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