BB Slen Review from April and October

We were so pleased to have Nikki from April and October Blog review our Passionfruit BB Slen. Her review is below. 

Babylonia BB-Slen Passionfruit

  • 100% cotton
  • $
  • machine woven
  • Best for: smaller babies
  • Carries: multi-pass carries

I’ve been excited to check out Babylonia’s BB-Slen Passionfruit, since I previously owned their version of the meh dai (BB-Tai). I received a package from their US retailer, Nova Natural Toys & Crafts, and it was full of goodies for my little ones. Both kiddos received baby carriers (a doll meh dai and doll ring sling) with some babies to fill them. Such a sweet surprise.

Passionfruit is a striped wrap, with perfect fall colors. I’m a fan of these colors year round. I love the stripes – they really help with teaching and learning different carries. The stripes help you differentiate which rail is up and which is down. I hope this wrap helps one of the many teaching libraries in the area....

To read the rest of her review, go here.

To check out the BB Slen for yourself, go here.

Happy Babywearing!

April 13, 2017 by Marisa Neyenhuis

Tricot Slen Organic Review from Pregnancy Magazine

We recently sent a Tricot Slen Organic to Pregnancy Magazine for review and this is what they had to say.

"Babylonia graciously sent over the Tricot Slen Organic baby wrap ($69) for review and I have really enjoyed using it. The jersey knit material is super soft and I really liked the color (Anthracite Grey). It is a great neutral and works well with everything else I wear.

The Babylonia Tricot Slen provides a snug and comfortable hold while remaining easy to use. The wrap allows for several types of carrying positions, but each makes use of the same tying technique, making this one a breeze to use. Use this wrap from the newborn stage through toddlerhood (up to 33 pounds).

My favorite use was with a young baby (0-6 months) in a variety of contexts. It was great for baby wearing while doing housework (dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc.), going for walks, grocery runs/errands, and even doing little home workouts! I also loved using this for travel. I wore it through airport security with baby inside (since it had no metal, buckles, or zippers going through the detector), which allowed me to smoothly get to the gate and keep baby happy (even sleeping once!). Then, once on the plane, since it is all cloth there were no annoying buckles digging into me when sitting down so I could wear it the full flight and even use it as a cover while breastfeeding (with strangers sitting only inches away from me on either side)."

To read the rest of her review, go here.

April 05, 2017 by Marisa Neyenhuis

BB Slen Review from Tandem Trouble

In late 2015 we sent a Champagne BB Slen to Tandem Trouble for a review. She and her twins loved it! Read her original post and other reviews here.

May 23, 2016 by Marisa Neyenhuis

BB Slen Review from Mama Banana's Adventures


We recently sent a BB Slen Pineapple in Size 8 (560cm) to Jeanette of Mama Banana's Adventures and she had lots of great things to say! Check out her review here. Be on the lookout for her Tricot Slen Cool and Tricot Slen Organic reviews after baby #4 arrives... 


November 19, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis

BB Tai love from Purple Elm Baby

Maggie from Purple Elm Baby recently took a trip to NYC and her most used and loved carrier of the trip was Babylonia's BB Tai in Pineapple! Read all about it below or follow this link to her original post

Travel Stash: Trip to NYC

Posted on August 05 2015

Ok, we have all been there, right? Obsessing over what wraps/carriers to pack for a trip. It was a short trip for us to NYC (5 days), but we were going to be walking a ton and taking the subway, which meant tons of carrying and no stroller. The travel days themselves involve a lot of carrying, too. We have to take two planes from AL to NY, which can take us around 9 hours on a good day with no delays. So I was really having a hard time deciding what carrier would do the trick for the travel days. I also prefer to have something without buckles, as those tend to dig into my sides when I sit. I struggled with what to bring, but finally settled on this:

2 mid size wraps, 1 base size wrap, 1 ring sling and 1 mei tai.

I decided to use the BB Tai for the travel days and bring a ring sling in my carry-on just in case. I was not disappointed. At all. TheBB Tai was amazing!!! It felt great all day. And I didn't have any sore spots or digging the entire time.

What carriers could I not live without on this trip? I'd say the mei tai and the ring sling, hands down. I was surprised at how much I loved the mei tai. It was perfect for the airplane and wearing all day—I wouldn't have to re-tie or adjust even after hours of wearing. There were days where I was wearing Lucy and walking for 5-6 hours and it was AWESOME. So my most-used carrier on this trip was the mei tai. Easily. I wasn't expecting to love it so much. 

What made the BB Tai so loveable? To begin with, it felt amazing. It is sooooo comfortable. The BB Tai straps are the widest wrap straps in a mei tai that I have tried. They measure just under 14". Compare that to the Diva Milano Essenza mei tai, which has wrap straps that measure 9". The wide wrap straps really made this carrier super comfortable because of all that added support.

Another awesome feature? The adjustable hood. This hood was very easy to tighten and loosen, and held my baby's head in place when she was sleeping. When she needed to go to sleep, it provided a nice dark hole to hide in. I love this hood!!

The BB Tai looked pretty sleek, too. I was surprised at how handsome it looked with virtually every outfit. The colors are definitely my colors, so that helps.

Bonus points: the straps are black, which means you can't see dirt on them! AWESOME. They are pretty large too. The panel measures 20.5" tall, and 17.5" high without the waistband. For perspective that is the same height as a toddler Tula.

So if you are looking for a new mei tai, I highly recommend checking out the BB Tai. You'll be glad you did, whether you're on a big adventure, or just babywearing through an average day.

August 06, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis
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BB Tai Review from Modern Babywearing

Thanks to Jay of Modern Babywearing for her BB Tai review. Click here to see her original post.

Review: BB Tai Stands the Test of Time

Using those wrap style straps for leggy toddler support
BB Tai in a Back Carry Tied Tibetan style

BB Tai in a Back Carry Tied Tibetan style

Babylonia, the makers of the BB Tai, are veterans in the baby carrier industry. This Belgium brandhas been around for 16 years, making quality woven wraps, ring slings, stretchies, and Mei Tai’s. They recently sent me a BB Tai (their version of a Wrap Conversion Mei Tai) to review, and honestly both my partner and I have been wearing it nonstop. I have a pile of woven wrap testers here right now, and the BB Tai has been the carrier I have been grabbing every time we head out the door.

 It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Mei Tai’s. They are versatile and adjustable for use with a newborn, through the toddler stage. They are the one of the few carriers that I would recommend to a family looking for “one carrier” to get them through their babywearing years – they are an affordable, ergonomic, easy to use babywearing device for anyone interested in using such a thing. The BB Tai ups the ante on some of the other carriers in this category (Infantino :cough cough: ), by producing their products with organizations that are members of the International Federation for Fair Trade (IFAT), and utilizing 100% organic cotton for their woven materials.

Sherman having a blast wearing the Dragon Baby in a BB Tai

Sherman having a blast wearing the Dragon Baby in a BB Tai


The carrier itself is so beautiful in its simplicity. It has wrap style straps, with pleating on the shoulders. There is no padding, which makes for a very sleek looking carrier, but the weight is very well distributed with even the heaviest toddler by the wide wrap straps. The other day we went to a parade, and unintentionally ended up walking a few miles from our car with our toddler in the 90 degree heat of July. The way back we really put the BB Tai to the test, wearing an exhausted 30lb Dragon Baby the few miles back to the car in the hot hot sun. Besides being pleasantly surprised at how breathable and soft the woven fabric was for the summer temperatures, I was also happy to find that the carrier was incredibly supportive and comfortable for use with a giant toddler! I was able to use the wrap straps to provide adequate knee-to-knee coverage for her, providing additional comfort to my back as well.


Using those wrap style straps for leggy toddler support

Using those wrap style straps for leggy toddler support

The head rest is adjustable, which made it tall enough for my three year old, but also it was able to adjust to fit a newborn and provide adequate support for their floppy little heads. Speaking of newborns, the BB Tai has this cool little woven insert that uses Velcro to attach to the inside panel of the carrier, acting as an infant insert for a smaller baby. It is fool proof to use, which is one of the things I find most appealing about this particular insert for a first time wearer. Unlike many of the other carriers with infant inserts on the market, this one is not bulky and will not lead to overheating, it fits in just like it was a part of the carrier to begin with, but can easily be removed when you no longer need it.


The BB Tai came in a cute little bag, made of the same woven fabric as the carrier. The carrier fit easily into the bag, leaving room for a few other things like keys, wallet, cell phone, and a diaper or two. It even had a smaller zipper pocket on the outside to keep the keys separate from your beloved carrier. ;) It was such a nice addition, and is likely one of the major reasons that we keep reaching for this carrier over others when we head out the door.

BB Tai has all the sleepy dust! We've had like 5 naps in the last week.

BB Tai has all the sleepy dust! We’ve had like 5 naps in the last week.


The BB Tai does not come in a lot of flashy colors or prints, but I am into neutral colors in general, so I find that appealing. It has a classy look to it, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And at $109 retail, you can feel just as comfortable taking it hiking as you would wearing it to a more formal occasion. This carrier is a fantastic addition to anyone’s stash! A great gift for a first time parent, or a nice transition for someone looking to move beyond a Soft Structure Carrier but still weary of the woven wraps. This is a tried and true budget carrier suitable for any wearer.

July 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis

BB Tai review from Keep Calm and Carry Them

Thanks to Chelsea of Keep Calm and Carry Them for her review. Click here to see her original post.

Babylonia BBTai Review

What's a BBTai? Easy - a Mei Tai made by Babylonia Carriers. When I unfolded it (thanks,Nova Natural Toys, for your lovely packaging!) I was kind of uhhh what? 
Then I got the hang of what was going on. First, the carrier comes in a nice shoulder bag with zip closure. Brownie points right there. Once I got it out and had a full look, the origami became a bit clearer; the fold across the back is able to be flipped up and secured through the shoulder tabs to provide head support for a sleeping baby without covering their face or rendering them 'hidden'. Shoulder straps are pleated, a generous 2m long, 39cms wide, and waist sash is flat and lightly padded (and 185cms) without rows and rows of quilting.
The body panel is quite square and flat, (40cms wide, 40cms tall) without darts or shaping, but there is a reasonably brilliant solution for small babies - a seat insert that velcros in and can be removed once outgrown. The lower limit for this carrier is 8lbs, and I found it could work quite well for my 4kg/9lb 'newborn' demo doll.
When trying this for my 6kg/13.5lb doll, I was in the awkward stage of too tall for insert, but too small for the body panel. This was easily solved by aproning the carrier once and then popping baby in. I wanted to cinch the body width a little and that was easily done with a ribbon.
Graduating to my "heavy baby" (trust me, 9kg/20lbs of aquarium pebbles feels MUCH heavier than an actual child of the same weight!) this was a nice fit. Baby was knee to knee in the unaltered panel and the wide wrap straps are great support. 

With Audrey (15kgs/34lbs) we were right up against the upper weight limit (35lbs) and it was easily supported with spread straps.
 I like using a chest belt or a knotless finish to help spread the weight through my whole torso (after all, that's a fair weight to hang from one's shoulders!) and once everything was spread this was totally comfortable in a front and back carry. We did a 3km walk in complete comfort, no digging, nothing. It was SO comfortable and I will admit to being amazed by how the simple square panel could be so mouldable and easy.

The cross-twill cotton has a nice amount of give and cush and softens up very quickly. Good to note that Babylonia carriers are manufactured using non-toxic dyes by a fair trade project in India. 
Great simple design and unfussy color schemes for uber-practical baby, toddler and child carrying on the go. Highly recommend for an instock, easy to purchase, simple to use and long-lived budget-friendly carrier.
July 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis

BB Slen Review from Keep Calm and Carry Them

To see the original post, click here. Thanks to Chelsea for her review!

BBslen woven wrap review

Babylonia wraps are pure organic cotton, non-toxic dyes and fair trade labour (India).  Sound good? Nova Naturals sent me a Passionfruit to take out for a spin and venture an opinion on, and after an initial "this is cardboard!" I got a lovely surprise when I pulled it off the clothesline.

Cross-twill is a weave that fluffs up nicely with a bit of wash and wear. It has a little bit of cush while being essentially flat and without the texture of a jacquard pattern. The diagonal give is quite uniform and easy to work with for new wrappers (I had some willing test subjects at a meet!).

These are a really nice, simple budget-friendly option ($69USD for a shortie, $119USD for a size 6, $129USD for a size 8) that break in in the blink of an eye. I washed this twice, sat on it a bit, and had a perfectly moldable wrap that is soft enough for a new baby and generous enough in width (78 cms) to wrap my 3yo.

How did it stand up to 15kgs/34lbs? Really well. I would not love it in a single layer carry, but with a couple passes supporting Audrey, this is a fantastic workhorse of a wrap. The weave is flat enough that it won't snag or pull easily, with just enough bounce to be easy on the shoulders - the perfect summer wrap, and this would be a perfect rebozo/torso carry shortie.
BBslens have a wide range of simple striped wraps and have just brought in a bunch of jacquard designs if you fancy something a bit...fancy! Verdict? Great budget wrap. Great starter, great lender, great cuddle blanket for the toddler, excellent beater and all-rounder. Easy on the eye and easy on the pocket.
July 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis

How to front, hip and back carry in the BB Tai

Thanks to Chelsea of Keep Calm and Carry Them for the great tutorial! Check out her website Keep Calm and Carry Them for other great tutorials and reviews.
July 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis

Introducing the Tricot Slen Cool!

Made from Newlife, a unique, high-tech fiber made from recycled plastic bottles, the Tricot Slen Cool is extremely light, has equal carrying capacity to a woven wrap and is as flexible as an elastic wrap. With the same special knitting technique as our original Tricot-Slen Organic, the Tricot-Slen Cool offers perfect support for all babies, from newborns up to toddlers of 40 lbs. This hybrid wrap can be worn in many different positions and since the same tie is used for all carrying positions, it is easy and quick to put on. Its natural stretch guarantees a perfect fit and makes this lightweight wrap comfortable and easy to use. This moisture wicking fabric is machine washable and air dries quickly. Delightfully cool in the hot summer months, this wrap is still cozy in winter's chill. Thanks to its remarkable stretch-stop qualities the Tricot-Slen Cool also offers long lasting support, and in contrast to baby wraps made out of Spandex or Lycra, it does not cause your baby to bounce up and down. 


July 09, 2015 by Marisa Neyenhuis